Saturday, March 03, 2018

Take 286

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Just in case you missed this really cool project, check out this link. Aren't people beautiful?
--- 2 ---
Need the time? We got ya covered.
Of course, only in German time.
--- 3 ---
It might sound crazy, but it occurred to me this week that Rowan might actually need conditioner for her hair. It's been knotty and difficult to deal with... Let's just say at 2.5, I'm a total fan of conditioner. Her hair is now simply awesome--more body and un-knotty.
--- 4 ---
Have you ever heard of a lost tooth necklace? Well, I work at a grade school... and these kids lose teeth. On the regular. And man. Those things are helpful.
--- 5 ---
I'm currently reading listening to The Nightingale. I have less than two hours left, but definitely recommend it. It's also a great "Quit your bellyaching" book... appreciate our big meals, warm homes, freedom, etc. etc. etc. A nice addition to the Lenten season.
--- 6 ---
Do you have an Apple Watch? Do you "Share Activity"? I've watched the TED talk that says sharing your goals means you're less likely to achieve them, which is quite interesting... But, I'll say this: I am surprisingly motivated by "Closing my rings" each day. Today was day 5 of 30 minutes of exercise in a row. That's saying something.
--- 7 ---
Thanks for allowing me a "Delayed Edition" of 7 Quick Takes this week. I'm reporting from a sunny afternoon at the home front. There's hummus to make, Tottenham to watch, wine to drink, and if my children have their way, countless hours of playing memory. I wish you and yours a happy weekend, too! 

Happy Friday! Saturday!


  1. Kelly Jelenchick7:55 AM

    Mary, I read The Nightingale, too, and agree! Right now I am reading The German Girl. You might like that one, too.

    1. Hi, Kelly!! Thanks! I'll look into it! :)