Friday, February 23, 2018

Take 285

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
So we have this new sofa with approximately 50 12 pillows. Well, I told George that he needed to tidy the sofa in order to move on to the next thing--and boy. He did it. All 50 pillows neatly in the row... and then he lined up the three blankets in front of those pillows. This kid. Totally related to me. Hah.
--- 2 ---
In other news, this same wonderful child has figured out that he is fully capable to pull out the stool and do whatever he wants when I'm not around... Like get milk out of the fridge and pour it. I'm so proud. And horrified. I'm hoping those are normal reactions to your child's growing independence.
--- 3 ---
What do you do in the tough moments? The ones where you ask them to pick up all the pillows and 20 minutes later they're building legos in the mess? Ugh. I've still got tons to learn in the world of motherhood, but dang. If it doesn't help me to pull out the camera and see the kids I love in the lens. You know... after I enforce the cleaning. And apologizing for not listening... Of course.
--- 4 ---
I attended my first First Aid course since I was in college. That's right. I didn't do it when I had my babies, and I've always been slightly worried about it. BUT, it's done! And hopefully I never have to use it. One thing I learned: injuring someone in an emergency is way better than seizing in fear and letting them lose the chance to live. So yes, if the motorcyclist needs CPR, you will have to remove their helmet. Yup. You might injure their neck. But better that than ... Anyways. Let's keep it real living chipper happy. Oh whatever. Happy Lent.
--- 5 ---
I did love Mostly Martha, which includes this song on its soundtrack... But man. I love this song:

--- 6 ---
If you have a minute, read this one on self care. So good. And as a 33 year old woman, I think it's really worth the reflection. I'm currently reflecting on it. What kind of life can I create so that I don't need to regularly escape it? Setting up your routines and habits for success... #Goals
--- 7 ---
So, today I'm home with a sick child. And you know what? I deep cleaned the kitchen. And you know what else? Now I'm going to take a nap while he does. Because I'm in it for the long game. And family time tomorrow. I am trying to choose to not burn out. Fingers crossed.

Happy Friday!

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