Friday, February 16, 2018

Take 284

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Well, Lent has begun! I kicked it off by showing up on time for a service that was published incorrectly in a bulletin... And no, I wasn't at church on Sunday to hear the announcement that it was changed to two hours later. (Even if I was, I wouldn't have understood the announcement... in German.) #CheerstoLent! #Noashes 
--- 2 ---
But! Here we are again, pulling out our favorite meatless meals. Our family likes clam chowder with bread, black beans and rice, lentil soup, cassoulet without sausage, Smitten Kitchen's kidney bean curry with naan, and today will feature homemade pesto pizza (homemade dough--not homemade pesto this time) with sautéed peppers and onion. Please share your favorites with me! I'd be more than happy to add more "Family Favorites" to my bamboo recipe box!
--- 3 ---
I've got the usual Lenten observances in my mind (see #2)... and of course sweets... because I find Easter to be way more joyful when I've gone without sweets for 40 days. But you know what? I also feel like wiping down my dining room table and sweeping my kitchen floor daily (or nearly) should be added. I mean really. It's getting embarrassing. 
--- 4 ---
I haven't actually watched much of the Olympics this year so far... but we did spend some time as a family watching ice skating this weekend. I realized that I'm officially old enough to where it's not just the crazy tricks that make me clutch my back in realization that any movement like that might kill me... it was simply the throwing back of the head by the female skater that made me clutch my neck... How can her head and neck show such flare with such reckless abandon?! I'd have a crick in my neck for DAYS after that! Or, let's be honest, I'd be seeing a PT!
--- 5 ---
There's a German phrase I learned this week, "Was du nicht I'm kopf hast, hast du in dien beinen." This means something along the lines of, "What you forget with your head, you must remember with your legs." Ex: Forgot your keys? Walk and go get them. 

Love it.
--- 6 ---
It's true that we haven't gotten a lot of snow here. I haven't needed my snow boots much, though I have used them. However, my kids have loved even the small inches we've gotten:
--- 7 ---
Did I tell you we have Justin Timberlake concert tickets?! No? We have Justin Timberlake concert tickets! In Hamburg!! Eeeek!! #ManoftheWoods #AlltheExcitement

Happy Friday!

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