Thursday, February 08, 2018

Take 283

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Thank you to my dear husband who gave me a fabulous night out for my birthday! Also included in the celebration was time alone and away. It was luxurious and I'm so grateful. I'm 33 and so amazed by the life around me. I never imaged my children would cheer for Notre Dame or speak German... and yet! Here we are. Living the full life. 

Cheer, cheer for Old Notre Dame...
--- 2 ---
I walked by a [closed] local coffee shop in Hamburg this past weekend and saw a CAT sitting on the table. That animal had it's rear end on the same surface I'd place my coffee mug. GAG. lol.
--- 3 ---
In other news, I'd like to commend Germany for doing fresh flowers so well.
People are always carrying around fresh flowers. There are Blume shops in all the malls. Cafes always have vases on the tables. It's so awesome. And you know what? With the winter being so dark and rainy, here... It totally makes sense! Bring in the kind of sunshine!
--- 4 ---
One of my baking pet-peeves in Germany is that butter is in grams. That's right, a block of butter is neither a half cup or a cup. So when you plop that stick of butter in your bowl, thank your lucky stars that you're not shoving it into a measuring cup, hoping there aren't any "air bubbles" to ruin your baked good due to incorrect butter amounts...

But then? My Grandma Ginger reminded me of the "water method" of measuring... If you need a half cup of butter, fill a one cup measure with half cup of water and then add cold butter until the water reaches the top. Genius. I had totally forgotten this method and am now very grateful. Thanks, Grandma! 
--- 5 ---
Speaking of baking... What do you bake for Fat Tuesday? Here's the thing: No leftovers. Sure, I could bake a king cake for two kids under 5 and two adults... And then stare at it on Ash Wednesday? No thanks. 

Crepes? What do you do for Fat Tuesday?
--- 6 ---
We waited months to see a pediatrician who came highly recommended by friends... And I'm so glad we did. A doctor who can make a physical assessment feel like 45 minutes of playtime with a cool guy is just amazing. 

Oh and don't worry--George can stand on one leg for 5 seconds. And isn't color blind.
--- 7 ---
Here is what German happiness looks like, by the way. 55 cents for this:

Happy Friday!

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