Friday, January 26, 2018

Take 281

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
It's G-man's birthday! I am so proud of this kid. You should see his Duplo creations--they're a sight to behold! He can color for hours, fight bad guys with reckless abandon and hurry through a bedtime routine so that he can sit next to his sick Mama on the sofa. I can't believe you're FOUR, Georgio. So grateful you made me a Mama!
--- 2 ---
Every year on our birthdays, my Mama would tell the birth story of me and my sisters... So, in case you also like memory lane... Here it is! I also realized that this story doesn't say that I went to the hospital 24 hours before and did the "new Mom" deal... didn't feel the baby move, regular contractions, etc... I went home with information on how dilated I was and we went ahead with our plans: we hosted a dinner for four friends (Tom, Elena, Ruth & Russ!) and made calzones... from scratch! Hah. I should say, BRIAN made calzones from scratch. My hero. And yes, it was the "last supper".
--- 3 ---
My family is quite loyal to Tottenham Hotspur, and in order to go to a game, you have to join the club--some level of it--whether the bottom level or otherwise. Brian signed up 3-year-old George and himself to "The Club" and I have to take my hats off to them--they're working the next generation to be sure. Brian received a booklet and his card. George received a booklet, his card, a Tottenham scarf, a Tottenham hat, a Tottenham flag, *and* a birthday banner with the players' signatures on it (which now hangs on the wall above their kids' craft table). "Harry Kane sent me a birthday card!"

But honestly? That's pretty good. I'm impressed.
--- 4 ---
My kids' school has a bee hive and chicken coop on the property. So, we get forms saying, "If your child gets stung by a bee..." And we sign off and give permission for them to treat it in a homeopathic remedy sort of way--because Germany does it this way. All the time. But, I loved one the closing statements which said, "Your child will also be offered a consolation bon bon." That phrase is my new favorite.
--- 5 ---
I bought a pair of Levi jeans in Germany and the sizing was in inches, which I found hilarious because Germans use centimeters... The sales woman couldn't believe that in the United States, where we actually use inches, Levi uses sizes like "8"--you know, which communicates absolutely nothing about the sizing of the piece of clothing you're holding. So aggravating. Come on world, stop using psychology on women and clothing sizes. #InchesForever #I'llevensettleforcentimeters 
--- 6 ---
This video was shared around FaceBook this week and I thought it was great:
More empathy! For everyone!
--- 7 ---
That's all I have for today. I hope you and yours have a fun weekend planned! 

Happy Friday!

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