Saturday, January 06, 2018

Take 278

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
It's ok to be a day late and a dollar short, right?? Oh good. Thank you! It's Saturday. And you know what? I'm grateful the long week is over... and blogging today instead of yesterday is totally the result. Le sigh.
--- 2 ---
New Year's Eve came and went and it was lovely! Our good friends had us over and gave us their guest room, so we put the kids down and enjoyed our first experience of Swiss Raclette. (Yes, our children emerged from their room at 10 pm and got away with being up until 11 pm.) 

And yes. We paid for it the next night. But, fun was had by all! (And let the record show that it was my latest NYE of my life... 3 am!)
--- 3 ---
The amount of fireworks by each household across the horizon in Germany was quite impressive! And, the smoke was a sight to behold! Thankfully, our children did sleep through this part of the evening.
--- 4 ---
You know, we've had George's car seat for probably 3 years and Rowan's carseat for probably 2 years... and this may be my second time washing their carseat covers. Or first. Eeek. But, it's done! And I'm proud. (3 cheers for 9 days of vacation at home... no travel, no guests.)
--- 5 ---
We have a household issue. George is under the impression that the sink stopper is trash. I have found it in the trash from both of the bathrooms he uses on the regular. Don't worry, I gave him a talking to tonight. "This thing, G. It's not trash." haha. Parenthood surprises.
--- 6 ---
You know when you peel an orange, some of the white under belly of the peel sticks out on the orange? You could peel them... but mostly we eat them? Well, Rowan stared at me in awe one day and said, "You eat the spikies?!" After a bit of confusion, I responded, "Why yes. Yes I do." She clearly thought I was crazy. I informed her that they're completely edible. (As long as she doesn't require me to peel her "spikies", no skin off my nose. Go ahead and have a 3o minute activity with your clementine.)
--- 7 ---
Your kids may know about Star Wars, but my kids live in Germany, so they often refer to "Star Vaas" in regular conversation. :) #KitaLife

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