Monday, January 15, 2018

Our Dynamic Duo

...And no, I don't mean Brian and me. I mean my two kids under 4.

Yesterday was the third glorious morning in a row where our children let us sleep in... What gives, you ask? Well, the first morning, I found G crouched in a corner with his two stuffed dogs... and a bag of M&Ms.

Oh. That kind of sleep in morning.

The second morning, I found them both in the same corner... with the same bag of M&Ms.

Shame on me.

That night, I got wise. I put the bag behind the coffee maker on the kitchen counter...

The third morning, I found the kitchen stool in front of the coffee maker and the bag was empty. And my children both had dyed lips.

Well... I kid you not, the next day I found R in the back of our under-the-stairs pantry with a bag of marshmallows... and scissors. (Which I honestly hope George was the one to use... and I'm grateful that we have 20 fingers between the two of them.)

And yes. My load of laundry was started in the washer... for a second time... on an extra-long eco cycle that I never would've chosen... And Brian's chapstick from his dresser was in the play room... next to our child's pillow.

The long and short of it? A friendship (in crime?) is budding between these two... and Brian and I may have our work cut out for us! :)

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