Monday, January 01, 2018

2017 Photos

Happy New Year!

Just in case you like this sort of thing: here's last year

This year was a big year. And you know, we walked into our Christmas break absolutely and thoroughly exhausted. This is the first time in our marriage that we've ever had 9 days of vacation with no travel and no guests... and we've soaked it up. Thank you, European-level vacation days for freeing us up to enjoy this much down-town at home: baking, playing with new toys, napping, etc... you get the idea.

So without further ado: 
2017... in 12 photos!

Starting Brian's second and final semester at Harvard...
And Beth came to visit! All the fun, as per the usual.
A 48 hour trip to Hamburg, Germany... to discern an international move.
Spoiler alert:
Anticipating living far away from good friends, we spent spring break in DC with our friends 
Alex and Julia. Watching our kids play together was a delight!
Enjoying a Boston dinner cruise with Harvard friends!
All the dancing. All the fun!
Brian: the conquering hero of Harvard Graduate School of Education's
School Leadership Program!
Thank to my Mom and Dad (and more!) for celebrating with us at such a monumental moment!

And we geared up for an International move...
6 weeks of travel where we lay our heads under 8 roofs. 
Yes, we visited lots of our wonderful family...
But we also exhausted ourselves and learned how to be pro-packers...
with our luggage under 50 pounds. by mere ounces!
We arrived to Germany on July 12.
How did we survive all the travel of June and adjusting to German life with two toddlers?
Oh, and the 6 hour time change?
iPhone game apps. Any times. All times. Whenever needed.

And no... I took hardly any photos in July as we settled in.
Because exhaustion.
Rowan turns two!
And everyone starts at school!
We have our feet under us enough to enjoy travel!
A day trip to Schwerin Schloss!
A weekend getaway to Københaven!
Lots of rain, and lots of fun! A Beautiful city.
Celebrating Thanksgiving as ex-pats with Brian, Beth, and Mairin!

And, as I mentioned, Christmas break with 9 days at home!
We've certainly missed being with all of you over the holidays, but have been relieved to spend over a week centering ourselves before another semester begins. Tomorrow, we head back into school. We've reminded our children that breakfast options are not so fun on a school morning and that they'll be overjoyed to see their friends and teachers again. And the routine? It'll be welcome, too.

But don't touch our Christmas tree.
That will be up for the 12 days of Christmas.
Dead needles or not! :)


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