Friday, December 29, 2017

Take 277

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
It's still Christmas! Yes, I want all 12 days and the celebration of Epiphany. ;) Our kids had so much fun on Christmas that they definitely asked for more present opening in the two days to follow... but all of their gifts didn't fail to disappoint and there's been a renewed amount of independent play at home, for which I'm grateful. 
--- 2 ---
On Christmas Eve, I read The Polar Express to our kids. We had to take a brief interlude from the story to discuss what Santa's whip was for... you know, hitting the reindeer hard enough to get them to fly as fast as they can... but why?? Then I realized that I haven't seen a Santa with a whip in a really long time... Hah. That disappeared and along with it the awkward conversation with your kid that I was then trying to weasel my way out of... "Ho ho ho! Let's turn the page!"
--- 3 ---
I'd like to shout out to Rachael at What if we fly. She shared her Advent plans and it included donated toys on the eve of St. Nicholas. I was inspired, but found my household recovering from the stomach flu... so I skipped St. Nicholas day entirely (no trauma here--we've never done it before and my kids are none the wiser... until they read this blog). However, as we ceremoniously brought our new Christmas toys up to the playroom, we "traded" one-for-one with old toys to give away to kids who don't have any. It was a successful moment as a family and I think we've found a new tradition. And yes, they did find themselves independently enjoying their playroom with the new-found order and new toys. Win Win.
--- 4 ---
It's been another year of Christmas cookie making and I'll admit that I did miss the cookie exchange this year. Coming with 5 dozen of one cookie and walking away with 5 dozen cookies of a variety is a sweet treat. BUT! We still made it happen, even with our tiny European freezer:
We gave away more than a few plates to friends, trying to keep our "Christmas pounds" down to a minimum. 
--- 5 ---
I also wanted to say, though... Anyone who has made, decorated and gifted a sugar cookie to me or you has offered quite a gift. After hours of working on two batches of sugar cookies, I realized that generally speaking, it's an under appreciated cookie for the amount of work that goes into it. Hah.
Sugar detox in January? Maybe.
--- 6 ---
Speaking of post-holiday health... I went on my 4 minute walk with an empty stroller to the grocery store at the end of our block. And yes, the process of grocery shopping on foot, with a stroller and unpacking it all... I was certainly tempted to choose "Cross Fit" on my Apple watch as a departed for my 45 minutes of Mama fun. Hah.

Don't worry, I just choose "Outdoor walk". Let's not get too crazy.
--- 7 ---
My blog book arrived! 172 pages, hard cover, and generally speaking, not a lot of work. Yes, there are typos (because my blog had typos) and yes some of the photos didn't work (because they weren't working on my blog), but perfection wasn't the goal... It was time to close a chapter on the inter webs and I succeeded! I have a beautiful book that I spent 6 years writing, documenting, and reflecting on. And that? That is a great Christmas gift. Thanks, Brian!

Happy Friday!


  1. Thanks for the shout out ��. There are so many opportunities to make this season about giving, and it sounds like you found a lovely one for your family ❤️.

    1. Hear hear! I'll keep working on finding more ways! Best wishes to your family as you begin a new year!

  2. The gift exchange is brilliant on so many levels...wish I had thought of it back in the day. And I, for one, very much appreciate the amount of time and creativity that goes into sugar cookies! It was never my strong suit. Oh well, I had lots of fun baking other things.

    1. Yes, indeed it's about having fun--not forcing what's not fun! :)