Friday, December 22, 2017

Take 276

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I haven't actually gone, yet, but word on the street is that filling a cavity in Germany costs 40 € for an adult, and nothing for a child. This is something that I will (unfortunately) likely be taking advantage of.
--- 2 ---
I printed up all of these coloring pages before realising how silly it is to print snowman coloring pages... on white paper. *All the eyerolls* Aaaand, that activity is over.
--- 3 ---
In Germany, there are certainly less Christmas lights on homes, but there are a lot of red stars--most with lots of points. I finally got around to looking them up and learning about them. They are a symbol of the biblical story. Pretty cool!
--- 4 ---
Your tree is probably already purchased at this point, but I had to share a tip for you for next year:
How to mark your favorite tree while still shopping around. :) Yes. That's Brian's glove.
--- 5 ---
I found George sitting at the table with the lighter and the advent candles. After many failed attempts to create fire, he said to me, "Mama! This thing needs batteries!" hah. Child safety success!
--- 6 ---
Speaking of safety, in covered and enclosed parking decks in Germany, there is often Frauen Parkplatz: parking for women. These parking spots are often very close to the door to the mall or building so that women leaving late at night don't have to walk across an abandoned and dark parking lot at night. Pretty genius.
--- 7 ---
To close out, I give you a bit of 1980's visuals. If all you remember about the 80s is cabbage patch kids, please, review this to remember the crazy... even if they did change the world with a song.

Happy Friday!

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