Friday, December 15, 2017

Take 275

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I did it! I did it! I did it!! I made a book of my blog! I began blogging on May 3, 2005, at the beginning of an exciting summer after my sophomore year of college. That would be at the age of twenty. It's been 12.5 years. (#old) To say the least, a lot has changed, and it's been on my mind to "make it real" and frankly... "Take It Down". :) So! It's done! I have printed the "Seale of Red" blog from 2005-2011 (the year I got engaged and the blog became "Couch of Red") and my 172 page, hard cover book is in the mail! I promise to share pictures of it! (I used Into Real Pages, and was mostly happy with the process, though I got frustrated by it's slowness... putting 6 years of data into a blog. So I guess I should also just calm down.)
--- 2 ---
I shared about visiting the Christmas Markets (Weihnachtmarkt) here, but I wanted to mention them here, too... It's the biggest treat of getting to live in Germany! This weekend, we're going to "hop" and visit the next one on the list!
--- 3 ---
When we parked downtown for this event, I remembered that I wanted to share this with you: 
See those red lights? Those indicate whether a parking spot is open in a row when you're driving by... Seriously the best idea. Ever.
--- 4 ---
A traditional Christmas "food group" here is marzipan. Thanks to our generous German neighbors having us over for coffee and cake, I got to try some! It seriously tasted like almond cookie dough. It was intriguing. And, I think I liked it. In small quantities.
--- 5 ---
We made salt dough ornaments this week. I drooled over white-looking perfectly imprinted baby hand ornaments and beautiful ribbon.
Let's just say I #NailedIt.
Brian assures me that salt dough ornaments made by kids are supposed to look ridiculous. Not beautiful. So really, we did #NailIt.
--- 6 ---
A little pet peeve from the German world... Today is: 
In America it is:
Yeah. You try to analyze invoices and documents and keep this in the front of your mind all day long... Try harder dates like:
It's almost as bad as the up position being the "Off" position for light switches! Hah.
--- 7 ---
To close out this week, here's a fun recording of Danny Kaye and Nat King Cole singing Jingle Bells... (Sorry, Peggy Lee, but you kind of pale in comparison to Nat...)

Happy Friday!

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