Thursday, November 09, 2017

Take 271

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
People. We moved to Germany on July 12, 2017. My last Diet Coke was at least one week prior to that date. #SayWhat?! #Withdrawal Okok... I have had a million coffees... so you know. It evens out.
--- 2 ---
I discovered this week that our bathroom sink at work has no hot water connection. None. All Winter. All cold. No sun. No warmth. Anyways. I'll stop being dramatic. But cold water, yo.
--- 3 ---
This week, I encountered this beer opener hammer:
Not that I have any need for a hammer. Hah.
--- 4 ---
Brian and I often feel like we're gambling or rolling the dice when we Google Translate the latest sickness memo posted at school. We turned to each other and died laughing when Brian translated the most recent one: Gastro-Intestinal. I mean, you gotta laugh... so you don't cry... Because sick memos at school are like looking into your future...
--- 5 ---
On the way home from school this week, Rowan was being particularly loud and George asked her to be quiet. Naturally, she refused... so I tried the "logical language and talk about it" approach, saying slowly and clearly, "Rowan, we're all trying to coexist in a tight space, so the considerate thing to do is—" But I never  finished because George finished the sentence by yelling, "BE QUIET!"
--- 6 ---
I was shocked to find out this week that Google Chrome outpaced Firefox by a mile for the browsers you are using to read my blog... I mean, I'm on Safari, but I felt so dated! I remember when everyone had Firefox! 
--- 7 ---
Did you see NYT's how to cook Thanksgiving in 8 hours in one oven and on four burners?! I DID! And I want you to see it, too! Also, Thanksgiving will be cooked in one oven with four burners here in Germany... and if I forget any ingredients... we're a 5 minute walk to Lidl. Which will be OPEN. WIN. (Also: it's all about the oven temp. Pick one and stick to recipes that work at that temperature. Genius.)


  1. Anonymous2:55 PM

    I was used to use Firefox. But since my husband also uses the computer we were tired of logging on and off on particular sites, so he now uses Firefox and I chrome. Prefer Firefox though.

  2. Cold water sinks during the winter are so hard! I feel your pain because that's what we had in our office (the cabana) for years.