Friday, November 03, 2017

Take 270

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
My children are pretty serious about inviting their stuffed animals to meals with us... and for breakfast, I typically oblige. They plop their stuffed friends in front of them and enjoy their breakfast. It's really kind of sweet.
--- 2 ---
We had daylight savings last week. An hour set back... And prior to now, I have always shifted our clock 15 minutes at a time for 4 days to prepare. This year? Overwhelmed and in a new country. So? No prep. Nothing. We actually spent more than half of Sunday unaware that our cell phones had already switched us an hour back... And I'll be.

Everyone was JUUUST fine. Hah. We even made it to church on time! I had to check the microwave to make sure that it had actually happened!
--- 3 ---
Brian took the kids to play in the playroom this week while I cooked dinner. They also wanted to cook, so they set him up with their Curious George dinnerware and got him all ready to eat dinner.

Then, they swung a (retired to the playroom) headlamp around his neck. "What's this for?" Brian asked.

"It's a camera. It's for taking pictures of your food."
--- 4 ---
George gave me his "Let's talk about my day" moment before I kissed him goodnight. Leaning over, he said confidently, "Today, I played with Jan! And I spoke Deutsche at him." This kid cracks me up. And you know what? He's totally learning German.
--- 5 ---
I've never been much of a fan of Halloween... at least the way it's celebrated in America... (which was never how my parents celebrated it--bring on the angel wings and Bible characters...) But, I did enjoy our afternoon activities this year when Rowan declared, "Trick or cake!!" to our neighbors and exclaimed "MICKEY MOUSE!!!" when Papa completed George's Batman mask. All the laughter.
--- 6 ---
I'm back to the PT with neck, shoulder and carpel tunnel pain. Nothing surprising there... but I am dying to ask you... Have you ever figured out how to do dishes without getting your shoulders tight and out of whack?! It occurred to me this week that that particular activity is terrible for my shoulders.
--- 7 ---
Did you know that the privilege of sending a GIF to create humor and laughter within your apple messaging is country specific?!?! That's right. Germany does not have the Apple GIF capabilities and after 4 months here, I finally noticed. I kind of miss the opportunity for a little Full House eyeroll with subtext inserted here.

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