Tuesday, November 28, 2017

November Captures

So, we live in Europe. And yes, that might sound like bragging... but hold on just a minute. In my photography shares from the past month, I'd like to highlight our fabulous weather:

But, I digress. November was a highlight month because we had family visit us from the States! Brian, Beth, and Mairin, it was fabulous to have you here! Most of my photos are from playing tourist with them in Hamburg, which was great fun, despite our weather. We're still buoyed up by your time here and will hopefully float right along to a week off for Christmas. :)

And this month, a special treat! Two photos by Brian, our other family photographer. He's quite good. And, he captured some rare sun--an absolute treat!

Happy Tuesday--hope you're well and gearing up for Advent! I am certainly eager here!

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