Friday, October 27, 2017

Take 269

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
København. Really. This city is amazingly beautiful. I just kept walking and gasping.
Where is this? What is this? Why does it even matter? I don't know. It's just beautiful.
Also, I love that their lights are even "design-y". 
--- 2 ---
We went to a restaurant while in København and the menu had on it the "The Governator" dinner... Yes. It's double everything. And yes, double everything is labeled, "Real American Style." Ouch.
--- 3 ---
Apparently, Neil Diamond and Amy Grant had similar inspiration in the 80s. Go ahead and click the links and listen to just the first 9 seconds of each song. The Neil Diamond song came on the radio in Germany and I was shocked that Germans were playing Amy Grant on the radio... but they weren't. It was Neil.
--- 4 ---
For some reason I was thinking about car security systems this week. I chuckled to myself as I realized that two 5-point-harness baby car seats are the best security systems there are to offer. G'ahead. Take my car. And all the cheerios. And I dare you to remove those car seats... I can't even do that.
--- 5 ---
Rowan had a coffee table fall on her foot this weekend. In her extreme pain we offered her pain medication and... pain medication gummy bears. I watched as she very seriously tapped her owie on her foot with a gummy bear... and then popped it into her mouth. Smart girl.
--- 6 ---
Introduce this video? Nah. Just remember that we're big fans... and these big fans will have to be up around 4 am to enjoy it.

--- 7 ---
Maybe this weekend, in our 4th month of living here, I'll figure out how to set up my voicemail. No really. I haven't done it, yet. Imagine following prompts of a recorded message in another language. It's a nightmare. On second thought, never mind. I'd like to enjoy my weekend. Just email me. It'll all be good. 

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