Friday, October 20, 2017

Take 268

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
This past weekend was certainly a pinch-yourself-you're-enjoying-happy-hour-on-a-canal-in-Europe kind of day...
--- 2 ---
We are learning how to say things in Germany...
In Germany, you "Take Away" food to eat at home... As in, "Let's go get Take Away dinner." (Not Take Out.)
--- 3 ---
And my children keep saying "OW-A!" instead of Ow. Apparently, this is the German way.
--- 4 ---
Also, in Germany, when you order an espresso drink, the machines always pour milk first and espresso on top. It kind of bothers me. I always put espresso on the bottom and milk on top... I'm not quite sure which is "right".
--- 5 ---
Brian and I went to a concert this week! Woohoo! We saw Marian Hill in concert--and we actually attended this concert in a now-retired WWII Bunker. Isn't that crazy?! For about two years, this building housed about 18,000 people during air raids. #PerspectiveonLife
--- 6 ---
Speaking of perspective on life... Check this out:
I am moved by these people. I am moved by people who see an opportunity to make the world better and go for it. What do you want to do?!? GO FOR IT! Be the change you want to see in the world. (I'll admit to also wanting to know how they are funded.)
--- 7 ---
This week and next week our school is on break! We're working, but the halls are quiet... which is kind of sad and kind of enjoyable all at the same time. :) Happy Break!

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