Friday, October 13, 2017

Take 267

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
You guys. I just watched my first ever "Scrum" in rugby. Have you ever seen a scrum? It's pretty unreal. It's the most primal event in a sport that I've ever seen. And why they roll the ball in? Who knows. But Brian had to scrape my jaw off the floor this week.
--- 2 ---
I've been trying to reinvent our snacks. All of us eat school lunches, so there's a pretty important snack hour to care for after school... so I got all creative and planned to make our family friends' beloved secret chex mix recipe... only to discover that ALL the cereal here has sugar in it. NO. CHEX. NO. PLAIN. CHEX. 
Ok. Ok. There are plain corn flakes... but what are those good for? Not much.
--- 3 ---
I would like to honor my awesome husband who went out and killed the great clothing purchase of Autumn 2017. Our goal: no absolutely necessary mid-week laundry run. And he killed it! So many small, absolutely cute clothes and it's paid off. I'm so grateful. We needed it. H&M, we're happy with you.
--- 4 ---
As a side note, I bought George sweat pants from H&M about 3 weeks ago and I have been over-the-top jealous for weeks... and I finally bought myself a pair. And I'm so happy about it. I haven't owned an actual pair of sweatpants in years. Let's be honest--they went out of style... and now they're back. And I love them.
--- 5 ---
Do you have a cool technology person in your life? Mine is my sister. She informed me of the Do Not Disturb setting... Every day from 10 pm until 7 am the next day, she receives everything on her phone but nothing rings, dings or vibrates. How come I never knew about this?! This is crucial for major time zone differences like ours... Almost all of my family texts come around 2 in the morning. Next to my bed.
--- 6 ---
Thanks to my friend for posting about struggling with yelling too much in the midst of transition (moving). Honestly, parenting through an international move has been absolutely no joke. I feel like we've made major strides in the past month, but I wanted to share this article with you. I don't know if you're a yeller... but I am. And I'm working on it. Oy. There's always hope, right?! Right.
--- 7 ---
In my work with German accountants, they keep referring to dunning. "The process of dunning." "And then you put it through dunning." I kept thinking they were simply using a word that was simply translated incorrectly. Then I finally googled the definition of dunning... and it means exactly what they're using it for. And no, I'd never heard of it before. Hah. Dunning: make persistent demands on (someone), especially for payment of a debt. (And yes, I work with family fees.)


  1. Do Not Disturb is an awesome feature!!! I now need one that blocks me during the day as well because I have issues!

    1. I totally understand the sentiment... and I'm always the WORST when I'm at home!! :)