Friday, October 06, 2017

Take 266

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
It's funny that this doesn't look nearly as pretty as I remember it looking, but I was proud of this meal. Sometimes, presenting dinner is important... and last Sunday, I went for it. Platter and all.

--- 2 ---
Speaking of food... I have never met a tortellini from the grocery store that I like. NEVER. Are they all gross, or did I miss something? Seriously. Should I be making them from scratch or something??
--- 3 ---
In church, we use bells during the important part of the service. In Germany, instead of a melodic sound, they're totally dissonant. Totally crazy.
--- 4 ---
Did you know Haribo is from Germany? The gummy bear game here is STRONG and Haribo is everywhere. Every. Where.
--- 5 ---
Our new car has a gas tank that only opens with the car key! Say what?! That's right. 
--- 6 ---
In the US, we gave G-man 5 ml of allergy medicine every day. We move to Germany and they prescribe 2.5 ml two times per day... which basically means the poor kid gets half of his dose most days... because I can't really remember medicine two times per day... once per day is plenty for this Mama... Sorry kid.
--- 7 ---
Just in case you think Rowan is left out, almost every day Rowan also requests medicine, so I pour 10 ml of water into a medicine cup and make sure to say (very seriously), "Drink the whole thing, now." And she takes me seriously every time and drinks her "medicine". 


  1. Why not pretend every day, just for a moment, and double the G man's dose?

    1. Now THAT is a grand idea! It never even occurred to me!! :)