Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October Captures

We've reached the end of another month and here are some photos for you! Hopefully it's not too cold where you are as you venture out for trick-or-treating! It's becoming more common in Germany to trick-or-treat, but we only got one set of visitors--and they recited poetry! (Something about how they are the three ghosts sent to us... and thank you for the treats, you will not be bitten by a vampire tonight... You know. Nice things like that.) Oh, and everyone in Germany has off today! It's been 500 years since Martin Luther posted his proposals on the church door. :)

I love how German this scene is below... The roses. The cleanliness. The straight lines. And the curtains. And of course recycling! This is a slice of our life... but it's not our door. Hah.

Here are some captures from our Sunday Funday in L├╝beck...

Happy Halloween! Happy 500th Anniversary of Reformation Day! :)

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  1. Beautiful photos, Mary! I really like your German stoop photo and description. How good of God to call you, in particular, to a place of cleanliness and straight lines! :)