Friday, September 22, 2017

Take 264

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Remember about the VPN being helpful for ND Football? It's also useful for making phone calls (Google Voice) to the US! I have called so many Customer Service departments this week... all things that are hard to check off the list by email/snail mail... But so fast to check off the list with a phone call! #killinit
--- 2 ---
Go check out Hungry Harvest. When we lived in South Bend, I shopped at a co-op completely filled with day-old (to be thrown away) produce from local organic stores. Oh, how I miss that produce. I should see what the market here is like... It's close, I just haven't made it there quite yet.
--- 3 ---
I heard this week, "Sitting is the new smoking." (Well, in Germany... smoking is still smoking. And there's way more of it here.) However, I still love this phrase. Sitting is  problematic. And my back totally agrees.
--- 4 ---
We watched a coupe of ah-mazing Jimmy Kimmel lip-sync battles. It occurred to me that I totally want to have a lip-syncing battle party. Then Brian reminded me that that's what karaoke bars are for. Hah! Oh right. But singing in key doesn't matter! And the acting game must be much stronger! Even better. Want to come over?!
--- 5 ---
This past Saturday, our whole family went out in our backyard and played Kubb. I was shocked that we were at the phase where both kids participated and we all had a fun time--and even finished the game! It was great fun. 
--- 6 ---
I made mocha syrup this week and forget the mochas--it's divine on vanilla ice cream!  
--- 7 ---
Just in case you're interested, I blogged about the kids' school this week... And I was dying to include the fact that the "Motor room" (motorik zentrum) always has fun music on... and I nearly died of laughter as the kids played to the tune of "What I got" by Sublime. It turns out that music isn't really censored here... even in the Kita. hah. (Kind of reminds me why I love dance music in other languages... what do I know of what they're saying?! Nothing. I just get to dance!)

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