Friday, September 15, 2017

Take 263

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I hate to make this blog something akin to a "Weather Channel" for the "Health Status" of the family... But I feel justified in sharing that we haven't had all of us well at once in five weeks. Sigh. The good news is that I've conquered my "Doctors in Germany" fear and now George gets to conquer his eye drop fear. (Thanks, conjunctivitis.) The kids are taking today off and I am praying (and praying and praying) that three days in a row at home will push us all toward the healthy side... and out of the rattling chest cough side... Sigh.
--- 2 ---
I'm also here to report that curry paste in Germany is of a much spicier variety than what I bought in the US. I basically made a meal inedible by me and the kids this week... Super disappointing. I'm starting to admit that every recipe card I have needs a new German version based on what's available here... 
--- 3 ---
I have a recipe in my box that I always cut the sauce amounts in half... I realized that this was bad practice and that I should just re-write the recipe... So, 5 years later, I finally got around to it. Hah. Also, I never have chili peppers on hand... Cayenne powder it is.
Disclaimer: I don't remember where I got this recipe, so this photo doesn't have my name on it for a reason... whoever created this recipe, I thank you. My family has loved it for one 5 years.
--- 4 ---
Ready for a language laugh? In Germany, there is no direct translation for "Happy Monday". I inquired about that this week and was informed, "...We don't really say anything like that." #Allthelaughter #GutenTag
--- 5 ---
I don't know how you tend to "deal" with all life throws at you... but one of my coping mechanisms is cleaning... My second floor got a scrub down this week. And it felt good.
--- 6 ---
It's a little unfair to share this article because I haven't read it all... BUT, it was certainly click-bait for this devoted New York Pizza eater... So, maybe I'll simply call this take "Saving it for later" so that I'll get around to reading it.
--- 7 ---
We had a good laugh this week when a new co-worker visited school and witnessed Brian and me talking... without knowing that we were married. He had all sorts of confusion written on his face and we had a good laugh. I'd like to say that it might have been one of the first times that someone has interacted with both of us without knowing we were together... and it was funny!

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