Friday, September 08, 2017

Take 262

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
We did it! We found a way to watch ND football in Germany. However, a 3:30 game starts live at 9:30 p.m. here... Noooot exactly my best time of day.
--- 2 ---
A lot of kids learn "NO!" first when it comes to learning language... and Rowan definitely had, "NEIN!!" at the top of her German language list. She's a pro at saying No.
--- 3 ---
I have to admit that while this video is cool, it pales in comparison to the childhood memories I have of Mr. Rogers taking me to the Crayola factory... and yes. He took me. Personally. Because he was that good.
--- 4 ---
In Germany, there are never police on the side of the road monitoring speeding. They have both temporary and permanent cameras installed roadside... and those cameras work. And they take photos at 1 km/hr over the limit. It's actually quite effective. They're not paying for a person to give out tickets--and everyone gets tickets... and I think it really does help drivers stay at or below the limit. Fascinating.
--- 5 ---
Aren't my riders just the cutest!?
--- 6 ---
I'm sorry--I gave you false information. I said a few weeks back that Germany pays us to drink sparkling water... and it's not true. We pay a deposit... and get it back. It costs 17 cents to drink it. However, something else about this bottle world cracks me up--you pay a deposit and get it back for beer bottles. Not wine. Not jelly jars. Not gin bottles. Just beer. Funny? Happy Oktoberfest! Hah.
--- 7 ---
We've finished our first week of school and I've been sick for more than one week. Medicine starts today. Prayers oh-so-lutely-welcome. And the insurance phone rep told me to, "Get restful." So today? I'm gettin' my restful on. 

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