Friday, August 25, 2017

Take 260

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
We went on a new faculty and staff field trip yesterday. It was fun to see Hamburg as tourists, but also it was fun to go out with friends without kiddos. :)
--- 2 ---
One of our better parenting moves was purchasing a back-up dog for George... However, it was a bit traumatizing seeing what that beloved stuffed animal used to look like... :)
--- 3 ---
Do you know that the last time I really examined the required bath schedule for my children was when they were both infants? I made up my only-twice-a-week rubric based on my pale, sensitive skinned children. Well, thank you, dear Kita (school) for reminding me that dirty toddlers cannot survive with only two baths a week...
--- 4 ---
Speaking of the Kita, this song has graced our family life:
Seriously, though. I can't get it out of my head! Ack.
--- 5 ---
I didn't know that I wanted this, but we have two neighbor kid friends who keep coming around to play with our children... They are my new favorite neighbors! And my children love them. What a blessing.
--- 6 ---
A little update on work life--all the binders and hole punches here are TWO instead of three. It sounds like a small change, but I'm really missing my predictable three ring life. Haha.
--- 7 ---
Happy Friday! These past two weeks have felt so darn fast-paced that I feel like I'm crawling today to the finish line... I'm praying your weekend, like mine, will be all the right parts order and all the right parts rest... because I need a good dose of both this weekend to be ready for another big week next week. Students arrive the first week of September and next week is our last week to prepare!


  1. So fun! I love seeing all the updates of your life in Germany.

  2. I love hearing about all the tiny differences between American and German life/work styles - 2 hole punch, light switches - who would have thought...