Thursday, August 17, 2017

Take 259

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
As we learn more German, I cannot help but remember this camp song. I sang it with the kids this week and it was a real hit. :)
--- 2 ---
I would like to personally declare that any coloring book without perforated edges is a crime. 
--- 3 ---
We've been in our home (a townhouse) for a full month and apparently it was a month early... because almost exactly 30 days since we moved in, we've had 2 neighbors move in! It sounds funny, but I totally forgot that we'd have neighbors. We've had an enjoyable time ruling the roost, but it's fun now to have kids riding bikes and scooters round and round our house.
--- 4 ---
This was too fun not to share... Karat Carrot ...especially because it was found and returned to its owner! That's quite amazing.
--- 5 ---
Speaking of karats, it occurred to me recently that one photo from your wedding day can be recreated years later... and that's the ring photo. :) Still happy about the day these were both on my hand at once.
--- 6 ---
Both of my kids love to ask for help with their last few bites. I am certainly the best at scraping up the last few bits of food from a bowl or plate... especially when it's tiny grains of rice. However, it cracks me up that every time I serve cake, I get asked to assist with the "last bite"... When there's essentially nothing on the plate. Their confidence in my ability to make another bite of cake appear is heart warming.
--- 7 ---
The next step in owning an espresso machine is making something like this... because... Mochas. Anyone have a recipe they recommend?? Otherwise, I'll report back on this one soon. ;)

Happy Friday!
(Around these parts, we're ecstatic that it's the weekend!)

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