Friday, July 21, 2017

Take 255

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
In Germany, a light switch is on when it's in the down position. Yup. 
--- 2 ---
We trekked across the north side of town to check out an English church service. I laughed a little when the opening song was "Days of Elijah". With so much "foreign" everything in our lives, that kind of made me giggle. 
--- 3 ---
Did you know that in Spain (and in Germany!) you can buy salami in the shape of french fries?! It was amazing.
--- 4 ---
I know it sounds funny, but 12 hours after owning my new dryer, I found out it was a ventless dryer. (Sometimes I'm too overwhelmed to have all the information I need. Oh well.) Ventless dryers are crazy. And take longer. And everyone here complains about the cost of utilities. I've got my head in my hands... Again. Sigh. hah. (If you don't feel like reading the link... the long story short is: I can't own a vent dryer because houses in Germany/Europe don't have exterior wall vent holes.)
--- 5 ---
Did you know that when we went to Guadalupe, Spain, there was a priest hearing confession for the first half of Mass? It was intriguing to me especially since I've carried a toddler into confession with me before... and got a welcome, but not a completely warm welcome... Knock it out during Mass? Tempting. :)
--- 6 ---
We took five flights in four weeks with two toddlers this summer. WHEW. Want to know what we learned? You can never have enough water. I was always begging flight attendants for more water... and they gave me one tiny glass at a time. Eyeroll. Please just fill my water bottle!! Not allowed? Argh.
--- 7 ---
Our redheaded family finally found a sunscreen that doesn't make us adults smell like... bare bottomed babies in the sand. However, it's the first time I've ever had the skin around my face burn and tingle when applying sunscreen... so maybe I should discontinue use?? Allergic? 
Neutrogena sunscreen, I love you... But I need to find your replacement. 

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