Friday, July 14, 2017

Take 254

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
We made it to Germany! And life is so... whatever it is... that I forgot it was Friday. Happy Friday! (This is really just fine because it's only an hour past midnight on Friday in the US... so I'm still good.)
--- 2 ---
Somehow my internet knows I'm in Germany and keeps changing my websites into German. Welcome to this week's "Neuer Post". When I'm done composing I will "Veroffentlichen".  Next thing to learn? How to add the umlaut over the "o" in words.
--- 3 ---
We bought this cappuccino machine. It was a dream to make lattes at home and now I can. SO exciting. Favorite feature so far? You can detach the milk container and keep it in the fridge until your next coffee need.
--- 4 ---
People. We have keys to our new home. We were giddy walking through it. It's beautiful. And the movers come on Tuesday! This timing wasn't a sure thing and I'm SO grateful to be settling in. It's been a good month, but we're ready. Stay posted at Couch von Rot for more details of life in Germany! :)
--- 5 ---
As George said after "composing",  
We're all happy to be here.
--- 6 ---
I had unbelievable amounts of fun seeing Wicked on Broadway (like I mentioned last week). I loved the signs over the doors when we left:
(I promise that "Reality" was spelled correctly--I'm still working on my Pano skills.)
--- 7 ---
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Thank you for your devotion to each other and your marriage. There is so much to learn from you all. People! FOURTY FIVE YEARS!!!! Y'all rock.

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