Friday, July 07, 2017

Take 253

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I made a note to tell you after our move last month that when we were all done for the day, we walked to a nearby family friendly restaurant and walked--in the pouring rain--without umbrellas. It felt like bootcamp to get there and bootcamp to get home. We had packed up our stroller to go to Germany and both our children and we were exhausted. We sat down in this restaurant at 5 pm (the perfect toddler dinner reservation hour) and I ordered a latte. I cannot tell you how fabulous that latte was. It was the perfect end to a crazy day. If I had had a beer, I would've been drooling on the table. Thanks to that latte, we could walk home without collapsing. Hah. I still feel love for that latte, and so I wanted to tell you about it. :)
--- 2 ---
We were in NY this weekend for my Grandma Ginger's 90th birthday and my Aunt Laurie's wedding - it was a very fun weekend! I got to see lots of family we don't usually see--a big treat! Here's my Grandma with all of her children! 
And Aunt Laurie, on her fun day :)
--- 3 ---
We stayed in a hotel as a family, which was a lot of fun! Of course, when you're in a Central Islip hotel and they have historic photos... you take a look! And, of course, my great grandfather Poppy Dick Clarke makes an appearance! Pretty amazing.
The gal in the background looks a lot like my Grandma, too... None of us would be surprised if it was her!
--- 4 ---
I got to go to NYC with a few gals from my family--and enjoyed more of the city with Melanie and Isa! One huge treat? Letting Melanie carry the big girl camera and going into the city with only a clutch! You know what was even more clutch? Buying a Gap dress at 5 pm to change into before seeing Wicked on Broadway! Taking off all of the sweaty clothes from 10 miles of walking and enjoying a linen dress for the evening! Clutch.
--- 5 ---
The Long Island Railroad employee when asked how he was said, "Can't complain. Nobody would listen." Hah!
--- 6 ---
Do you have trouble following Google Maps because your arrow is facing down? Hate converting the directions of left and right in your brain because you're traveling "down" on the Google maps screen? Hit the red and white diamond on the upper right of the screen and you're now traveling up/forward!! Oh happy day!
--- 7 ---
Thank you, Uncle Tom and Aunt Lois for the lovely 4th of July celebration on the lake! We've had a lovely stay!! 

Happy Friday! Up next? Spain! And then? Germany! Want to see our new home? Click here!


  1. Your new home looks wonderful!! I can't wait to see your in-person photos. The whole process sounded unbelievably challenging. Leave it to Brian to figure it all out and find such an amazing space.
    Enjoy Spain. I'm feeling tired just thinking about your last 2 months!!

    1. Thanks, Ruth! And yes... we're tired and looking forward to settling in to our new normal! :)