Friday, June 30, 2017

Take 252

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I have not figured out how to share these photos (Boomerang maybe??), but I promise you that if you have a toddler, please please please take advantage of iPhone's Live photos--You. Will. Love. It. Every 1 second face that happens in the midst of a photo of a toddler will be captured. There are about 20 faces on average... and they're hilarious.
--- 2 ---
George went to his first Cubbies game! He was ecstatic. And I was so happy for him! He's a full-blown member of the family, now!
--- 3 ---
I've done not a whole lot of preparing to move to Germany on the culture, politics and language side... But I have been listening to some audio German lessons and I finally finished reading this article on Angela Merkel. Wow. Please enjoy it. It's long... but fascinating!
--- 4 ---
In Florida, we have been to a fair number of restaurants, and zero have offered us water. We've had to ask for water every single time. How is everyone here not dehydrating all the time?!
--- 5 ---
In other Florida news, apparently rental cars come with a rosary:
--- 6 ---
I have discovered that carpal tunnel and chopsticks is a burden. About 1/4 of the way through the meal, I start dropping things. I have found asking for a fork at a sushi restaurant to be so unfathomable that I mastered chopsticks... only years later to discover that I now need them. Sigh.
--- 7 ---
In Miami I saw the craziest ducks I ever saw: the Muscovy Duck. 
There were about 6 of them and one of them was the biggest duck I've ever laid eyes on.

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  1. So, THAT'S what kind of ducks those are!!! We have them around here, but I've never known what kind they were!