Friday, June 23, 2017

Take 251

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Dear Florida, I'm totally taken with your alligators. I'm currently on a kick of watching at all times for alligators. From inside. Through windows. With my toddlers in plain sight. Inside.
--- 2 ---
The other thing about Florida is watching the weather. The storms roll in quickly and there are no warning sprinkles... it just POURS. And the clouds are SO puffy!
--- 3 ---
On our flight to Florida, we juggled our toddlers and all the fun that that entails. Somehow... I managed to share ear buds with Brian and watch (mostly) the new Beauty and Beast. You want to know the kicker? I didn't see the last 10 minutes because we landed. I have no idea how handsome the Beast became or how it ended... Hah. Torture. But not as torturous as a 22 month old lap infant toddler.
--- 4 ---
Vanilla Ice is doing remodeling projects on DIYHD?!? What has the world come to?! (Can you tell I'm on vacation??)
--- 5 ---
Rowan discovered that she likes cats this week. Thanks, Aunt Katie, for being a highlight of her life! :) We had such a lovely time chilling with you and your kiddos!
Sorry, Charlie. No way.
--- 6 ---
Brian and I had the chance to dress up and act fancy at the Archbishop's Gala in Detroit last week. My brother-in-law works very hard on this event, and it was a pleasure to see the result of his hard work! We ended up running into someone here in Florida whose parents were also at the event--and the kudos and raving made it all the way to Florida. Nice job, Edmundo!
This is a photo of the wonderful folks at our table (minus Edmundo, who was working hard!). It was a fun evening with wonderful people.
(Thanks for the photo, Deana! What an absolute treat it was to see you!!)
Also, if you want to spend a fun 7 minutes... Click here!
--- 7 ---
It was a treat to get my hair done! I am so incapable of doing my own hair that my two styles are down and ponytail. I know, 32 years old and incapable. It's kind of embarrassing. However, when I removed sixty-six bobby pins from my hair that night, I felt a little less guilty about my inability to do my own updo. I mean... that's complicated.

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