Friday, June 16, 2017

Take 250

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Dear family, thanks for all of the lovely quality time we had with you this week! Thanks for feeding us, raising a glass with us, and sharing your life. This past week was a real treat to connect with you. We're so loved and we really do hope you all visit us in Germany. Here was one sweet moment with Brian and his Grammy.
--- 2 ---
We drove by our old McKinley Avenue home last week in South Bend. I think I can honestly say that I don't miss it... but you know what? The new owners are doing a good job. It looks good. Flowers in the front yard and all. I'm proud of our nice, blue former home.
--- 3 ---
We went out to dinner at a restaurant where there was a large print on the wall of goats. "Look at those, George! They're goats!" 

"But I call them camels."
Ok. Fine. Good luck in Germany, kiddo. I'll be waiting to love you up when immersion preschool in German commences.
--- 4 ---
We're driving along this week and George sees a motorcyclist without a helmet. We chat about how that's too bad and how it's not safe. Then, we saw another one. George proceeds to request that we pray for him and then leads all four of us in a prayer of protection over him. "Jesus God. Let him be safe and wear a helmet..." etc. etc. "AMEN!"
--- 5 ---
Gina and Michael. We love you. And your kids. Your children taught our children how fun it is to climb on the roof of a minivan. Their lives are forever enriched! We'll miss you in Germany.
The kids found a bug. And Reid put it in my face with delight... just so lightly squeezed between his fingers. Oh, and we never did find Vanu, the imaginary Lion. We'll have to come back.
--- 6 ---
We celebrated Brian Sr's birthday this past weekend and got to eat Rise 'n' Roll donuts. Dang. I missed those! So. Good. 
--- 7 ---
When I started my vacation, I had been working hard to get naps in. I've gone at least 4 days without one at this point, and I'm reminding myself (and becoming accountable to you) that it's time to get busy with rest, again! :) Hah. Vacation is hard, yo. Of course, we all slept in until 8:45 a.m. yesterday, so apparently rest is a serious priority.

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