Friday, June 02, 2017

Take 248

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Have you seen the Facebook emoji-balloon effect on your phone? Drives me crazy. And I can't even tell you why. I just don't want stuff floating around on my app.
--- 2 ---
We did a lot of coloring in restaurants with our kids during graduation week. Our children are quite different... R is 10% coloring with 90% "SEE?!?!? SEEE?!?!?" requests for praise. George is 90% coloring and 10% "See??" while exhibiting the fact that he can draw boxes... perfectly. In multicolor patterns. 
--- 3 ---
I would like to say that the only room left to purge before our big move to Germany is the kitchen. And honestly? Other than getting rid of our cheaper appliances because the electricity in Germany is double the strength, we don't have much of a job left to do in that room. Once everything is packed on Monday, vacation really begins. The kind of vacation where I'm not responsible for my home. 
--- 4 ---
I'm gearing up for 5 flights between now and July 11. FIVE. I have a few tricks up my sleeve, but please share all your advice in the comments. All of them. If nothing else, I'm planning fruit snacks for everyone. Hah. Thankfully, we'll have four tickets for our 7 hour flight to Europe. Praise Jesus.
--- 5 ---
I have bought no less than 6 of these iPhone protectors. They break regularly and I don't know if they're really protecting my phone, but my phone keeps surviving... so I keep on buying them.
--- 6 ---
Do you use your First Aid kits? We had three when we got married. One upstairs, one downstairs, and one in the car. I feel like 95% of any injury in our house gets treated with two things: triple antibiotic ointment and a bandaid. I get neither of these items from a kit, but from my medicine cabinet. I have now combined our kits to two: one for our house in Germany and one for our car. Honestly? It was good to go through them because at least now I know what I can put to good use. But seriously? Gauze?! Ok, I digress.
--- 7 ---
I have been thinking all year long that I wanted to capture our bunny-friend who lives in our front garden area. Thanks to my new 135 mm lens, I finally got him! 


  1. Stickers. Lots and lots of stickers.

    1. I just bought mess free coloring stickers!!! :)

  2. First aid kits ... I am kind of obsessed. We have two with the camping gear, one medium sized (mom's) and one massive (dad's.) Plus one in the kitchen, and one (or more) in the car.

    For scouts, we recently made mini kits for each girl to keep in her backpack ... we took an empty, hard-sided plastic gum pack (the Extra brand that come with 35 sticks), band-aids, and single use antibiotic ointment packs (25 for $6 at Amazon) and single alcohol swabs for cleaning their fingers before tending to boo-boos. The girls love having their own, and a side bonus is that they no longer are hitting me up for band-aids for the tiniest of boo-boos ... they either use their own, or decide to tough it out to save the band-aids. Bonus!

  3. GERMANY??? I'm sooo jealous! That school doesn't need a Speech Pathologist, does it???
    I only spent a night in Hamburg & didn't get to see much of it, unfortunately.
    Sooo exciting! I'm going to have to keep up with your adventures & live vicariously through you.

    1. Please do! You're welcome for along for the ride!