Friday, May 05, 2017

TWELVE years.

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I'd like to interrupt our usual 7 quick takes for a staggering statistic: I've been blogging for TWELVE years. I said it last year and I'll say it again: Thanks for being here. I feel like growing into my own writing and blogging self has been a smooth transition and has grown with me over time. And, I'm forever grateful for you being here with me.
--- 2 ---
And Dad--this post is dedicated to you. Thanks for editing. Without you, I would have a typo a week. With you? I'm a better writer. Thanks, my double MFA friend.
--- 3 ---
Twelve years ago, I started to blog when I embarked on a summer with three trips: a mission trip, a fun trip (to Italy!) and a family trip (to Holden Beach). It was a big summer and I was ready for it. Did you know, it would be the second time I would meet my future husband?
And yes. I found a way to capture a photo of Theresee him. Sorry, Theresee. I do love you, too. But seriously. Look at that eyebrow. I love that look. And I get to see it SO much more these days. Swoon.
--- 4 ---
The next summer, I would find more reasons to take photos of our mission work Brian
Ok ok. I took a ton of photos of our work, too, I just giggle when I look at all the opportunities I took to take photos of him.
--- 5 ---
Apparently, I was in the mood for an "I'm married to the awesomest man" post. I hope you can take it! [I mean, the guy finishes his Masters at Harvard this week. It's hard not to gush.] And you know, in 2007, I think I knew "we" were coming. Here's Brian playing music with Rus, our good friend who would stand with us at our wedding 5 years later. How awesome.
--- 6 ---
All of that seems a lifetime ago. It was a blog name ago (SealeofRed--Yes, my maiden name). And I'm so grateful to have found Brian... 
This Monday is his birthday, and the anniversary of our first non-casual date. It was an all day, church-going, steak-eating, Cubbies cheering day... And dang. It was fun.
--- 7 ---
Again, thank you. Thanks for being on this ride. And thanks for letting me interrupt our usual Friday ridiculousness. Don't worry--I'll be ready next week with quotes from the littles and other things...