Friday, May 26, 2017

Take 247 Graduation, Baby!

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
My husband is amazing. Do you know what my favorite part of all of his graduation from the Harvard Graduate School of Education festivities was? 
Listening to Brian's faculty director sing his praises. 
No no. My favorite part was watching my husband and our two children walk across the Harvard stage to receive Brian's diploma. 
No no. My favorite moment was a cheers of delicious red wine in our apartment after a cold and wet day, bursting with pride over Brian's accomplishments. 
No no. My favorite moment was an Italian dinner in North End--our first dinner in the North End! 
Oh, you get the idea. I'm so proud of him. The year has been long, but good. And I'm happy to be on the celebration side of graduate school!
--- 2 ---
Looking for a movie to watch this weekend? Go watch Brooklyn. It was a delightful movie.
--- 3 ---
Do you suffer from this? I totally do and found this article to be completely affirming.
--- 4 ---
Do you know what a long john donut is? Because no one in New England does. Their long johns are Boston Creams and they're round. I showed a photo of a long john to my coworkers and they scoffed and said it was an eclair. Hah! Nuh uh. Give me my long johns... Sigh. Do you think Germany has a long john?!
--- 5 ---
My alarm still goes off at 7:40 a.m. every day to remind me to walk to the bus for work. I haven't deleted it, yet, because I'm enjoying the moment where I don't walk to the bus too much. Keep on reminding me how happy I am to have a summer with no work for the first time in 17 years.
--- 6 ---
You were hoping for more photos? Ok. 
--- 7 ---
Thank you, Brian, Beth, and Mairin for helping us celebrate this week!! 

Happy Friday!