Friday, May 19, 2017

Take 246

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
My parents were in town! And what a treat it was!
--- 2 ---
We took them to the Harvard Museum of Natural History... where Virginia informed me that George has labeled these guys:
Papa, Mama, Virginia, George and Rowan.
--- 3 ---
My parents came for Mother's Day weekend... which made it particularly sweet. You know what else was way more than particularly sweet??? My parents took an entire week's worth of laundry and hauled it out the front door to a laundry service. While we enjoyed a museum, someone else washed, dried and folded ALL. OF. IT. Thanks, Mom and Dad! What a gift!
--- 4 ---
Can you believe this tiny tulip?!?!
Me neither. It was about 3" tall. 
--- 5 ---
Why is it that 30 people can be scorching on a bus in hot weather and no one will open a window? I'm pretty sure we covered this topic in Psych in college. It drives me bonkers. Everyone acts like they don't care and/or they're helpless. "Please! I'm not close enough to open the window above your head... please! open. it."
--- 6 ---
We're trying to move on from George taking naps... Because Mama likes to have more than 9:45-9:55 p.m. to herself every night. Wow. Will this on-again-off-again phase ever end? Yes. Yes, I trust it will. But dang. If that kid naps, I practically have to beg him to go to bed so that I can, too!
--- 7 ---
Hopefully you heard our newssaw my new blog and started following my new Instagram! :)  Today is my third to last day of work in Boston...

But, who's counting?


  1. So cool that you are moving to Germany! I studied German for 9 years and only visited, but always wanted to live there! If you don't speak German you don't have to worry too much because German speak English so well!

    1. It's true--our two day visit went just fine with zero German... but I do hope to study it and learn!

  2. I am a sucker for tiny florals - that tulip is fantastic! And I cannot imagine having someone else do all my laundry... sheer awesomeness

    1. Yes. Do that laundry service thing--if only once! Dang. It was awesome.