Friday, April 28, 2017

Take 244

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
It's the last week of classes for Brian! Say what?! I know, right. Brian: Killing it at Harvard. In honor of this final day of classes, here's a fun video featuring so many new and wonderful friends we've been blessed with this past year:
--- 2 ---
This Sunday at church, George turned around in the pew, sized up our diaper bag, and then stuck his head in to find something... All the way in. Just like Mary Poppins
All the giggles.
--- 3 ---
Virginia introduced an entirely new concept in our house:

"The kitchen is closed."

She said that to our kids and now G occasionally asks, "Is the kitchen open?" and I want to kiss him for not assuming he can have food at any hour. Plus, it's ridiculously cute.
--- 4 ---
Rowan is talking. It seems like everyday a new garbled sound is deciphered into something we realize she's trying to say to us. She loves to drink, "Mudt" (Milk). Last night she watched an "Oby" (Movie). Despite these almost unintelligible words, she can--clear as day--say, "Ooooh yeah!" in the right upbeat, "Isn't that awesome?!" tone. It's so impressive and completely hilarious.
--- 5 ---
Looking for a vegan recipe that packs a punch? We enjoyed this dinner this week. (Be warned, that garlic sauce... it packs a punch.) We loved this recipe! 
--- 6 ---
I had a banner (not sarcastic) week in shoe shopping. I landed these boots for $100 and these sandals for $70. 
--- 7 ---
Brian and I went to a restaurant this past weekend that had an actual changing table in the women's room. It was awesome. (Not sad that we didn't have kids with us, though. I wouldn't go that far.)

Happy Friday!

Oh, and you wanted a photo? Sure.
This girl. And that hair.

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  1. You give me heart attacks when you say things like, "sandals for $70". Seriously!!