Friday, April 21, 2017

Take 243

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Is life hard? Undeniably. Need some encouragement? Watch this video:
Thanks for sharing it, Sarah!
--- 2 ---
And if life is hard, do what I do... Bake. Hah. Or, maybe cook. I enjoyed this article that visually displays what 2,000 calories looks like--which is a full day's calorie intake. Main takeaway? Stop eating out and start cooking.
--- 3 ---
I would like to say that I will happily drop a whole drawer of utensils into the dishwasher every night because it buys me so many happy quiet minutes with Rowan:
Yes, I give her one tablespoon of water at a time in a small medicine cup. She could do this for hours.
--- 4 ---
Spring is slowly breaking out here and we had our first evening of watching thunderstorms together out our big living room window... I hope for many more evenings like that! So fun.
--- 5 ---
Please please please tell me of all the laundry tragedies you have had. I cannot believe how often I am feeling that sinking feeling of another piece of clothing stained... My new pink sweater was the newest victim... blue dye... from what?! God only knows. Argh. Why does no one talk about this?? Are we the only family?!
--- 6 ---
I posted this photo on Tuesday on another post... But I feel obliged to tell you: they were planted already in bloom. You read that right. They were blooming when they were planted.  
My tulips never looked this full... And really, theirs didn't either. Cheaters.
--- 7 ---
We had a nice Easter and yes--George spoke very loudly (not quite a scream) in church about Jesus dying on the cross. That means we won, right? I mean, he could've yelled about jelly beans...


  1. Two laundry pet peeves of mine: 1. Army Uniforms and underwear, bras, and lingerie. They don't mix!! The army uniform has a ridiculous amount of Velcro! Every patch, tag, etc is stuck on with Velcro. Pockets close with Velcro. Even their fly is closed with Velcro. 2. Fitted sheets... it's a natural disaster. I hate fitted sheets. They end up with baby clothes, socks, underwear, kitchen towels... balled into the elastic and not dried. :D :D :D

    1. Oh my! The velcro of army life... that never occurred to me!!