Wednesday, April 05, 2017


Did you know it's not really here, yet? I did. 43 degrees and rain. All day the rain. Okay, well, I guess it is here. Isn't it funny that I think spring is 60 degrees with full-blown flowers? (And it's certainly not 43 and rain--that's winter. Right?!) It's almost more accurate to say that it's what we're experiencing now... It's spring.

And you know what? Spring means flowers. And, I did see my first crocuses today! Hooray! (Sorry, unphotographed. When the bus comes, you go.) And, I'm very excited to store all those blasted winter clothes and break out the spring clothes--pink and white! Sandals! This was Spring of last year and you  know what? At least three of those tops, the dress and one of the skirts have all been "purged" in the move. So, bring on the creativity and procurement of a few more items to round things out. 

The end of the year is coming at us with frightening speed. I'm thinking about purging (again!). We squeezed our life into 900 sq. ft. and we knew it was a one year gig living in Harvard housing. So, no matter what happens... it's time to think about what we've used, what we haven't touched and what we can get rid of... And you know what? I think we did a pretty good job! Spring is budding and I would say most of what we haven't touched are things of beauty that we wouldn't purge because we'll probably use someday, even if we didn't have lots of places to put beautiful things this year.

Like my Grandma Mary's china from England... 
I can't wait to display it somewhere.

So, bring on the Spring cleaning. This year I get to literally enjoy the actual cleaning along with the season of spring. Maybe a good task for Holy Week and the Triduum? Oh, and yes. I definitely have stuff I don't know what to do with. If you need a bumbo or infant car seat, let me know, yo. It's been in my way since October. No. July... and I'm in the purging mood.

Happy Spring!

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