Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Zoom Out

I zoomed in as far as I could for this photo. Somewhat to focus on my people, but... Mostly to hide the nitty-gritty.

I had one of those weekends. I think they come about quarterly for me. Somehow, deep down inside, my brain and heart convince my body to actually clean the floors. And a bathroom. And then my husband goes and cleans the large living room window. And then he sweeps the carpet. (Yes, I said sweep. I lived in Pittsburgh--but really, we don't own a vacuum. So we did actually sweep it.) Then he takes out the recycling that always piles up in the hallway... You get the idea. We made progress! 

I've made many a joke in my head about referring back on our grad school apartment year as our "Year of the dirty apartment". I fit the stereotype of if-it's-not-magazine-worthy-I-think-it's-dirty and I work hard to fight it... sometimes harder than others. I work to be ok with small steps and realizing that the phase I'm in is... toddlers. And cars. And books. And crayons. And snacks. And dried spaghetti at your breakfast spot. Oh, and did I mention full time work? 

And then I realize... It's all or nothin' baby. I can keep striving for the once-a-quarter-maybe-more blitz and look forward to it, all the while zooming out and appreciating...

Chubby legs squeezed into tights, with breakfast dishes stage left, little boys in oversized football jerseys with shoulder pads, and small winter coats that probably need washing, and my people! My people! They're cooking us dinner together! Chopping away to some awesome beats, of course.

Who cares about the magazines. Or the dust. ;)


  1. How blessed are you among women :) I LOVE the zoomed out picture ... those chubby little white tight-ed legs - just precious!!

  2. Very fun picture! Love the zoom out.

  3. The best thing about the zoomed out photo? It allows us to see what YOU see.