Friday, March 31, 2017

Take 241

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I know most (sane) people wouldn't go making something like a hamburger bun from scratch on a weeknight... But snow day and I forgot to buy them at the store... So, if you're like me and looking for the perfect recipe, check out our girl Deb's recipe. These turned out perfectly. So perfect that it reminded me of the plastic hamburger set from my play kitchen as a child.
--- 2 ---
Speaking of Deb... I made her Easiest Fridge Dill Pickles this week and had someone at work talk about me being, "A cute midwest gal". I got all defensive in my mind and wanted to bark--BUT BUT BUT! It's from Deb! From Manhattan! I'm a city girl! :)
--- 3 ---
In the business world, everyone over uses the phrase, "At the end of the day". My problem with this phrase is that it's usually followed by how we actually want to run the business, or what rules to walk away with, or what they're really trying to say. However, when they say, "At the end of the day", I've got pajamas, a glass of wine and a sofa in mind... At which point I've totally lost track of whatever they're trying to tell me.
--- 4 ---
Dear Pyrex. I'm done with you. Your lids crack. And I'm tired of them leaking. Sincerely, me.
--- 5 ---
I've spent the last week reading "The Temperament God Gave Your Children". I'm a psychology minor and could totally swallow whole books like this. I love every minute of analyzing personalities. Oh, and I love and hate when the peg me perfectly. I'm melancholic. AND--I would bet that many bloggers are!
--- 6 ---
Speaking of that, I've been meaning to tell you that generally speaking, G will find himself on the sidelines observing other kids. It used to bother me a little and I felt obligated to give him a loving push into participating in group activities... until... I remembered that my favorite activity during parties is to do the dishes.               Alone. 

Maybe I'll cut him some slack. Maybe he's melancholic.
--- 7 ---
To close, I want you to know that we're supposed to get snow today and tonight. But Yesterday?! It was 45 and sunny. And I walked. And Walked. And enjoyed. And photographed. Fantastic.
General John Glover


  1. I love The Temperament God Gave You. I heard the Bennett's speak a few years ago. They are great! I am a sanguine/choleric combo and my spouse tests completely even for every temperament which is so weird...

    1. According to my discussion group, being equally between each temperament is the goal! You must have a holy husband! :)