Friday, March 17, 2017

Take 239

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
We transitioned our kids 15 minutes per day for four days for daylight savings... And it worked. The first day of the time change, the kids were up at 7 am and went down for naps at 1. It was a parenting win.
--- 2 ---
I did it! I said I'd do it and I did it! In all hilarity, though, I said to Grandmommy, "I finally figured out how to make sugar cookie icing that hardens!" And she finished my sentence... egg whites! Oh. I guess it wasn't a huge secret! Hah. But, I did it!
--- 3 ---
I walked in the kitchen and found this:
I was totally impressed. (And gosh, I assume it wasn't Rowan. But no one confessed! hah!)
--- 4 ---
We all went and enjoyed a day in nature... And then the next day, after naps, George sat down next to me and there was a tick crawling around in his hair. Did I mention he naps in our bed?!

As I'm known to say thanks to people I love, "Nature. It'll kill ya."
--- 5 ---
Ever since I upgraded to one of the new operating systems for my iPhone, I have been unable to get my albums on iTunes to play without shuffle. Drove me crazy. Well, I figured it out. On the music playing screen, scroll down and you'll see the shuffle option to toggle on or off... YES!
--- 6 ---
I read this book with the kids this week. 
I hate to break it to you, Big Blue Bill... But you're purple. 
--- 7 ---
Sometimes at the end of the day, I'm the winner, and we chip in and gather everything in the house that belongs in their room (which currently is ALL of their toys) and put it in front of the kids' door where they're sleeping. And then we get a pretty impressive pile. And it always leaves our living room and bedroom looking... un-kid-ified. And I love it.

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