Friday, March 10, 2017

Take 238

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I'm feeling that new year's motivation. My alarm went off to remind me to exercise... I looked around the living room and picked up my massager. 20 minutes with that baby and man, I felt better than if I had exercised! ;)  
--- 2 ---
Why have we decided that Zzz means sleep? So weird.
--- 3 ---
Thanks to a birthday gift, I splurged and bought six boxes of my favorite tea! Hah. I'm probably crazy... But I'm happy with my Good Earth tea!
--- 4 ---
Please. Go. Go read this article. She's hoping to find a wife for her husband. She's dying and wants him to have a happy future. Man. It was amazing. Note to self: be ever so grateful for everything I have.
--- 5 ---
Speaking of the New York Times... I know that not everyone observes Lent or fasting... but I did find it kind of a bit humorous when they shared a roasted chicken recipe on Ash Wednesday. They couldn't have enticed us with a nice fish recipe that day? :) 
--- 6 ---
This Wednesday we enjoyed the library at lunch, per our usual. I wanted to share their foliage with you. This display of greenery is amazingly full. Stunning. (The very left edge is jade and other succulents!)
--- 7 ---
Rowan Adelaide gets the prize: at 18 months old, a stranger this week congratulated me on the arrival of a beautiful daughter. I'm sure she set some sort of record for how late a mother was congratulated on the birth of their beautiful daughter. (She is cute!)


  1. Loved the article of the NYT article.. was so sweet and SAD!

  2. I've thought the same thing about the "zzz". I've had to explain to some students the meaning, but thankfully they've never asked me why!