Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Break 2017

We did it! We made it to Spring Break!

We packed up and loaded our family of four into our car and headed to DC. I seriously have never seen our car so empty on a road trip. I guess when the youngest hits 19 months, there's just a lot less gear to cart around. We only had to bring one size of diapers, too! Luxury.

It was a quick excursion and the kids did beautifully. I found myself wondering how to get the kids "nature" and "active" time during our road trip... Sharing the green space with dog you-know-what at a rest stop is not exactly my idea of perfect... but we survived.  

Our kids went over 3 hours in the car without needing one toy. I think we did snacks in that time, but I was shocked. Additionally, we didn't do any screen time until the last hour of the ride home. Amazing. 

Speaking of screen time... Half of the time I spent gearing up to go was spent trying to download the shows. I dumped literally half of my apps... and I can't remember what I deleted, either! In other news, our internet stinks. Hah! Sooooo slow.

We spent one morning doing the sightseeing-tourist-thing and besides enjoying field trip day for the entire metro area grade schools, we enjoyed watching George and Rowan enjoy the Natural History Museum. 

We spent some time with our friends before their baby arrives, enjoyed good food, good wine and grew in friendship. It was a lovely hiatus from the normal and I'm so grateful for their hospitality. I hope that lots of hospitality is in our future--both giving and taking. It is such a gift.

And you know... what IS vacation without golf? Inconceivable.

We made it home and life is gearing up for the second half of Brian's last semester at Harvard... We rolled into the apartment about 7:45 pm on Sunday evening and after about 30 minutes of a show, George took a deep breath and said, "Can I go to bed, now?"

...And then he slept in until 10 am the next morning! We were all good and tired... and happy. 

Happy Spring to you! Hope you're enjoying mud puddles and warmer temperatures! And thanks to our friends who hosted us. We love you to bits and pieces.

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