Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Tuesday Saddle

I've been missing you. I've been riding around Boston Town trying to drum up new things to write about.... anything from interesting to intriguing to what keeps me up at night. But, I'll admit it. My well is dry. Maybe it's the February. Maybe it's the almost-to-midterms-halway-through-the-semester-say-what?! Maybe it's the five loads of laundry in the past 48 hours... But, I'll get real. Nothing keeps me up at night. Thanks to whatever ancestor or hereditary love I received in never having sleep issues.

So, today I'm popping in. Back into my Tuesday Saddle. Popping in to say that my Mardi Gras pumpkin cinnamon rolls reached a new level this year:
They were baked all the way through and not over done or tough. I was a proud Mama this morning. Yes. I ate two.

But, ever the fun, I also wanted to pop in and say that I'm still enjoying photography amidst the madness of life. So, feel free to enjoy it with me:

I hope you have a blessed start to Lent!


  1. Love these images - a picture really can speak a 1000 words! My Lent is off to an amazing start; praying for yours as well.