Friday, February 24, 2017

Take 236

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
In my junior year of high school, we set out to translate Le Petite Prince, but like so many curriculum and lesson plan dreams, we never got around to it. 15 years later, I finally got around to reading the English version. 17 pages later, I couldn't believe it. This book is about 1/10 of the length I thought it was! And I didn't like it! And it was weird. Someone, help me. Did I read the spark notes? Is it really really a kid's book?!
--- 2 ---
There are some things Brian and I do so wonderfully. Small plate restaurants is one of them. That fantastic man takes me out to dinner and I get WOWED like you'd never believe. He picks the perfect restaurants and we always eat small plates of amazing food or amazing sushi. 
I have only one confession: I kind of miss the doggie bag days. The better the food, the smaller the portions, split between two... and lunch tomorrow is always... grilled cheese sandwiches and not reheated fettuccini alfredo.
--- 3 ---
Elevators that stop only every three floors? How does campus housing get away with that sort of thing???!!! And what does it save them?! Side note: we don't have any elevator. And we're on the third floor.
--- 4 ---
Brian and I celebrated five years of marriage this week and enjoyed seeing Della Mae in concert... Very fun!

--- 5 ---
Rowan refuses to continue eating dinner until you add Sriracha to her meal. Every night.

[Sure, it's only a drop... but she eats it!]
--- 6 ---
This week, my Apple Watch was 24 hours behind and told me all day on Monday would be 60 degrees. LIES. ALL LIES. It was a high of 40. It was 32 degrees when I left the house! And I froze all day thanks to trusting my Apple watch. Hah!
--- 7 ---
I sat on the bus this week, and the man sitting to my right is leaning on his knees, leaning over... and he turns his phone towards me and the phone's FLASH goes off... THREE TIMES. Awkward. "I'm sorry sir, I'll need to see that camera so I can take the film out."


  1. Anne O1:34 PM

    The Little Prince is not really a children's book. And it is MUCH better in French. When I read the English version I thought it was stupid too, but I loved it when we read it in French class. As I recall there was one really important word/concept that's used a lot in that book that really does not translate into English.

  2. I've never heard of Della Mae! Enjoyed the video.
    Have you ever heard of Ask Your Folks? Really fun group, and the young lady is local for me.

  3. Rowan cracks me up!