Wednesday, February 01, 2017


I'm 32 years old. George insisted that he be 32 years old yesterday, too. I let him. In fact, when I got home from work, he yelled, "HAPPY  BIRTHDAY!!!!!!" I got down on my knees to give him a hug and he refused to give me what I wanted until I also wished him a happy birthday, too... Which I did. Poor kiddo. We'll likely always be sharing our birthday limelight since we're only 4 days apart. 

Every year on my birthday, I well up with even more gratitude than the year before. 
So, without further ado, I give you... 32 things I'm grateful for:

  1. For God. The Father. The Son. And the Holy Spirit.
  2. For the gift of life. For the gift of my life. Thanks, Mom and Dad!
  3. For Brian. As my mother-in-law would say, "Boy howdy!"
  4. For George. My redheaded, order-loving friend.
  5. For Rowan. My redheaded, passionate tot.
  6. For Virginia. Because you're now a part of us. (And yes, the mac'n'cheese helped.)
  7. For extended family. All of you. You make our life so rich and full of love.
  8. For friendship. You know who you are. The texts, the emails, the calls. All of it.
  9. For FaceTime. Making us present to all those we can't be near.
  10. For photography. Because I shine brighter in the world when I enjoy it.
  11. For a new camera this year! And a new lens! I'm still in love.
  12. For education and learning. May it never end.
  13. For Saturday family mornings in our queen bed. Snuggles, giggles & yes, reprimands.
  14. For new cocktail recipes from waiters in bar/art gallery restaurants.
  15. For books. For a life that fits reading in.
  16. For George putting his own shoes on.
  17. For a year of life in a place only four hours from New York!
  18. For french pressed coffee. Especially True Stone. Oh, and half and half.
  19. For Amazon Prime. There. I said it. Life changer.
  20. For physical therapy and new massagers.
  21. For snow. Right now.
  22. For Cambridge life. Bricked street, coffee shop, walk to church life.
  23. For purging. For bringing our belongings down to 900 sq ft. 
  24. For my Kitchen Aid Mixer. May you never die.
  25. For our new leather pull out sofa. May our guests be frequent! (hint hint)
  26. Don't worry we'll give you our bed. I'm grateful for that, too. (See #10)
  27. For blogging. Clearly, I like it... It's been over 10 years, now.
  28. For a good job. We moved to the big city, I got employed, and I survived!
  29. For a new computer this year. Thanks, Love. (See #26. It got way easier.)
  30. For moments at home when I look around, and my children are playing together.
  31. For a (mostly) healthy body. Despite my constant whining, let's be honest: it's working.
  32. Lastly, while I'm grateful for each person in my little family, I'm particularly grateful for the unit we are as a whole. I'm grateful for the culture we're working on and the bonds that we're encouraging. This family is in it for the long haul, and boy am I grateful. May the Lord bless our relationships and give us the grace to love and support one another as we grow more into the people our Father wants us to be... It's amazing to be investing in something so grand.
I pray that you can also see the blessings being showered upon you, too... Sometimes life is hard, but I'm always dumbfounded by all of the blessings and graces being poured out daily. Praise Him.

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