Tuesday, January 24, 2017


This Thursday, George, you will have circled the sun three times with us. It's hard to believe that the details of the day I became a mother for the first time are already fuzzy. Just like your newborn head was...

I often washed that hair just so it would fuzz up.
Everyone wanted to touch it, so it was often flattened quickly...

In the past two weeks, you've begun to tell stories. It really is a wild thing! Out of nowhere, you began telling me about a time last summer when we went to a puppet show with our friends. You very carefully relayed the story (the sword in the stone) with as much detail as you could muster and acknowledged the funniest character--a tiny mouse. I was dumbfounded that you remembered that day and that you shared about it completely unprompted.

Your little self has become quite the handful. We love you to pieces and you're becoming your own wonderful person. You love right order--the cabinets get closed, hugs NEED to come before kisses, and you're quite good at covering yourself with a blanket, carefully laying it so that all parts of your body are covered. I love it when you genuflect at church (usually backwards), when you climb 20 feet into the air to go down the big slide, when you dance in the kitchen and when you jump off our coffee table so you can "sky dive" (with a helmet and a backpack parachute, of course). You  can be stubborn and loud, but you can also, right out of the blue, hug me around the neck and say, "I love you, Mama", which believe me, definitely helps.

Papa,  you and I spent a little time reviewing some of our videos from the past three years and I can't believe how much we've packed in. I can't wait to keep packin' it in for many more. Thanks for loving and for Pete's Sake... don't grow up too quickly!


PS - George at Two.
George at One.
George's First Year.

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