Friday, January 27, 2017

Take 232

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
George is three! Thanks to everyone who sent their love and sweet gifts. He had a great day!
--- 2 ---
George and I went to Pinterest to find THE cake for his birthday. I have one thing to say to you, Pinterest: Shame on you.

One quick "toddler boy birthday cake ideas" search and you'll know what I'm talking about... The majority of the "Pins" are bakery-ordered fondant cakes. Shame on you. No wonder all the Mom bloggers tell all of us Mamas to stay away from Pinterest.

However, we did pick our birthday cake idea from Pinterest, so not all was lost in those twenty minutes:
George asked for extra sprinkles on his cake (because all of the frosting had been eaten):
Brian says, "Look! Tailgaters!"
--- 3 ---
Sometimes you live in a cool place. And sometimes that place lives up to the legends. That day was when we went to a pizzeria with Beth and this party of 4 Italian men walked in. Boston goals... accomplished.
Sorry for the close up of yours truly.
--- 4 ---
I finally finished the final season of Downton Abbey this past weekend! Sigh. I had way too much fun and now I have a "Show Hole". Send me your favorites :)
--- 5 ---
I'd like to dedicate this fifth take to the Five French Presses I've broken over the past five years. Yes, you read that right. I pulled the trigger this week and bought this stainless steel one and I'm SO happy about it!
--- 6 ---
While we're on the topic of coffee, I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the measuring window of the water chamber of our coffee pot. I got coffee grounds in it over the years, and you can no longer see the measurement of the water levels... Much to my chagrin, I cannot find instructions anywhere on whether that little plastic tube is removable or cleanable. Does anyone know the answer to this question that keeps me up at night drives me crazy?
--- 7 ---
I don't know what your weekend plans are, but I can't wait to try out this grilled cheese... with mayo.

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