Friday, January 20, 2017

Take 231

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I bought these awesome salt & pepper grinders. Just two days later, I dropped a corelle plate on one grinder and shattered the glass. (Yes, the thin plate was juuuust fine.) Those Corelle dishes, man. They're serious. Also, serious sadness over our now single salt grinder.
--- 2 ---
Do you have a Cuisinart food processor like me? I love mine and we use it multiple times per week. Well, hop on over and find out if you need to throw away your blade and get a free replacement. I ordered mine this week and they're so backed up with replacement orders that ours won't arrive for 4-6 weeks. Wow. But, sure. Fine. I'd rather wait than consume processed metal. 
--- 3 ---
Today is Grandma Mary's birthday... that lovely lady I was named after. To the life of the party, we miss you, dearly.
--- 4 ---
This fourth take is dedicated to my wonderful son who knows those four magical words that in 2 days were mastered and have totally changed our lives: "TIME TO GO POTTY!"
--- 5 ---
It took us a long time, but we finally pulled the trigger on pillows for our sofa.  I'm in love.
--- 6 ---
I have discovered that I have a distaste for words like "precious" and "adorable" being co-opted as sarcastic and nasty. It's also a bit hilarious. But mostly I dislike it. Don't take my cute baby words and apply them to adults who should know better. 
--- 7 ---
If you haven't been watching my Facebook feed and you haven't heard of the miracle of Joy, feel free to go read through the posts about this beautiful little girl. She's the granddaughter of folks we knew when we lived in Indianapolis and as a mother of two toddlers, I've been praying and offering up whatever I can for Joy... Over 20 minutes with no heartbeat and she is recovering miraculously. What a testament to our good and kind Father. I'm definitely hugging my babies a little tighter these days. What a gift we have in those (needy, beautiful) babies. Thank you, Lord.

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  1. Great post! Love your happy to visit. I'm your neighbor at Kelly's QTs today :)

    Looking fwdo to more of your stories!