Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Photo Magnets

We've moved away from family, and I hatched this nice idea of putting some of the people we love dearly on our fridge in magnet form. I settled on Christmas as the right time to make it happen, and just went for it! I looked at one tutorial, but then paved my own way due to lack of supplies that were recommended.

So, this is what I did!

I bought glossy photo paper and magnetic sheets with adhesive. If I had been really cool, I would've bought those two things in the SAME MEASUREMENTS. I didn't. So, this project could be even simpler for you!

I marched on over to canva.com and created a new document. I recommend you make your document 8x10 to match your magnets (which I did not). I then added a quick ready-to-go template to be 3 photos long and 4 photos wide--12 photos per page. I recommend you get rid of the white spaces in between the photos. The magnet sheets are completely capable of being cut with the photo on it, so it will save you a step. I clicked the "Download" button at the top of the page as a PNG (high resolution) and then printed to my color printer at home with my photo paper loaded. 

Remove the protector sheet away from adhesive side of the magnet and lay on your printed photo sheet. Cut away!

It's been 3 weeks since these were opened, used and abused by two toddlers. So far, so good! None are ripped, though I do think that one person has a bit of schmutz on their face... hah.

One more thing... with all of the Christmas cards on our fridge, the fun of the individual magnets is a bit understated. :) We have so many Christmas cards and about 30 magnets, so it's a flurry of love and chaos on our fridge right now. I suspect if you gave this gift in July, it would shine even more!

Happy Tuesday!

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