Tuesday, January 10, 2017


The adventure of Full Time

Life at the office is very real. The food in the fridge is molding from holiday paid time off, we arrive groggy in the morning with small stories to share from home (ok, well at least I do), and we enjoy flurried conversations around 4:30 p.m., when we can all taste the freedom of 5 p.m. 

I've also found that life around the office is very real. It took me more than three weeks to make it to the tailor. I've tried to figure out a bus route to Trader Joe's after work, but then settle for the oh-so-expensive grocery item at CVS. I keep snoozing my reminder to do laundry because it requires lugging it to another building. The list goes on...

I know what it's like to wear shoes that make you feel wobbly but make you sound powerful. I'm a working mama and I can confidently say that the working mama mystifies me. I'm mystified by you with your tailored suit with heels, the punctual arrival to work, the yoga classes and the family dinners at home. 

This working Mama experiences the unclean floors and skipped yoga routine for more shut-eye, the ever-so-powerful dependence on Amazon because I can't make it to Salvation Army to save my life... Really. Not once since we moved here. (And my kids are prime age for their clothes!)

I will say this: I require more coffee and a enjoy a bit more wine than my 20 hour work week self. But, I'm also doing it. And you know how? 

I'm not alone. I get encouraging notes by email and text, Virginia offers to shop with me and carry in the groceries, my husband does a myriad of jobs that go without thanks, but mostly I thank him for wrestling our children... who desperately want to be wrestled... and I... "I would love to read a book with you!" And then there's the huge treat of Marmie! She was here for a whole blessed weekend! I'm supported and I'm thankful. 

And I must go to bed. Because I have work in the morning... and the coffee needs to be made tonight, so I can sit and thank the Lord for you, for my support and for coffee beans... which I'm sure will also be in heaven... Always in French Press form.


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